The Top 10 Basketball Shoes For Playing Outdoors 2022

As you know basketball is both an indoor and outdoor game. Indoor courts do not challenge your shoes as the outdoor courts do. As you know indoor courts have stable temperature, forces and hardwood floor and on the other hand outdoor basketball courts, you face everything, temperatures can get extreme and court is mostly rough concrete based.

So, the shoes that you wear for playing indoor basketball may not be last long on outdoor courts. So, before you play on outdoor courts you must choose shoes that are durable and can withstand outdoor conditions. Finding such shoes can be very time-consuming process So I have assembled a list of 10 best outdoor basketball shoes for you based on user reviews and expert opinions to make it easier for you.

The performance, traction, cushioning, support, fit, materials and pros cons of these shoes are discussed below so that you can have a better idea which shoe to choose according to your interest. I will personally recommend UA HOVR Havoc 2 and Nike Lebron Soldier 9 because of their durable outsole that can last on rough outdoor courts

So, go through the list and find the shoe that suits you.

Our Top Picks

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Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

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  • These shoes fit greatly
  • The materials used are quite premium
  • These shoes are quite comfortable and breathable

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Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid

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  • These shoes remain true to size
  • They have reasonable price for provided features..
  • Their sturdy materials make them great for outdoor courts

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Adidas Dame 5

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  • They are best to play on outdoor courts
  • Their cushioning is quite responsive
  • The traction pattern is amazing

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These amazing shoes have the upper made up of micro molded flexible mesh while on the toe, there is a rubber like material for protection of underneath material. The mesh covers all around your foot and gives best fit. This mesh is also breathable that gives required ventilation and keeps the feet dry

The traction pattern on these shoes is herringbone which is quite thick and may need a bit time to break in. After which the grip is perfect. Some pattern is spiral styled which gives lateral coverage. The pattern is thick enough for these shoes to be used on outdoor courts.

The HOVR cushion is featured as the name suggests. It is quite firm but gives great court feel and bounce needed by a player. This Under Armour HOVR technology provides “zero gravity feel” for energy return that eliminates the impact by jumps step by step.

The support on these shoes is quite good. Its Die Cut EVA sock liner provides support below the foot. Their sole is fairly flat and it has a propulsion plate which provides torsional rigidity.

When we consider fit, they run true to size mostly. It has webbed lacing system for a locked in and customized fit. The half bootie lining also gives a safe and secure fit with traditional tongue construction which helps in putting them on easily.

These shoes are another great product from UA. So, you should go for them if you really want to try Under Armour and play outdoor basketball.

  • These shoes fit greatly
  • The materials used are quite premium
  • These shoes are quite comfortable and breathable
  • Their thick traction pattern makes them best for outdoor play
  • The traction is a bit inconsistent

These basketball shoes feature a 3 Stripes logo on sides. These shoes are very comfortable to play in and features a great design

Its upper is made up of a leather material which is quite durable and remain in shape for quite a time and has perforations for ventilation.

Its traction is quite awesome and it really grips the court with the grippy rubber outsole.

For cushioning, we can judge from the name that it uses Cloudfoam sockliner and midsole for lightweight cushioning.

The mid-cut design really gives a balance between agility and stability. It also provides ankle support.

Their memory foam footbed provides exceptional performance. These shoes are breathable as they feature an air mesh on collar, tongue and rear quarter.

The rear part, collar and tongue are made of quite sturdy materials that does not get damaged easily. So, it can also bear outdoor rough courts

These shoes are also best for people with wide feet. Every width of feet feels comfortable in these shoes. That why they also were in the list for 10 best basketball shoes for wide feet.

They can be worn as casual too as their design is quite good.

  • These shoes remain true to size
  • They have reasonable price for provided features.
  • They are quite comfortable and soft.
  • Their sturdy materials make them great for outdoor courts.
  • Their upper leather is inflexible
  • Their laces are weak

These are the fifth edition in the Damian Lillard series. These shoes are extremely lightweight. The upper of these shoes is of soft suede which adds in their comfortability.

The traction is awesome and has a herringbone pattern on a durable rubber outsole which provides awesome grip and thus are best for playing on outdoor courts.

They have full length Bounce cushioning that provides a balance between responsiveness and protection from hard impacts. It really provides the comfort needed by a player on court

They have some dead space in the toe area although their lockdown is great and they greatly support your ankles. They have one of the best ankle supports a shoe can offer. They have internal pods along the midfoot. The forefoot has some extra space that provides stability to the foot.

They are available in two textiles mesh and leather and in a variety of colors but provide the same performance. It doesn’t matter really if you go for mesh one or the leather one.

  • These shoes are very comfortable.
  • They are best to play on outdoor courts
  • Their cushioning is quite responsive
  • The traction pattern is amazing.
  • They have some dead space in the toe box

The Curry series of Under Armour was a great for basketball shoes. These shoes are lightweight and very durable.

The upper of these shoes is thread borne that makes them strong and gives them best support and structure. The balance provided and ventilation is also best.

When we consider traction, these shoes have a multi directional herringbone outsole that provides great support and allows you to play aggressive without worrying about slipping. This amazing traction makes them great for playing on outdoor courts that can be rough and dusty.

For cushioning, it has a charged midsole that damps the shocks of high impact landings.

These shoes have foam on places where it wasn’t added before in the previous editions. Its Anafoam and thick padding really covers and locks the ankle.

Its fabric has perforations for ventilation and air flow that keeps your feet dry and cool. The molded heel counter gives amazing comfort and protection.

It also has a metawing plate that provides locked in stability through the heel arch and foot. It also works as a stabilizer for variable motion. The midfoot shank helps in maintaining torsional rigidity.

These shoes go true to size for wide feet people. People with narrow feet can consider going down half a size.

These shoes perform great on indoor and outdoor courts so they are a good choice. This is the best edition of the Curry series so go for them definitely of going for any of the Curry ones.

  • These shoes are highly durable
  • Their multi directional traction provides best grip.
  • The materials used on shoe are great
  • They are very lightweight and comfortable
  • They may take a bit time to break in
  • Cushioning is a bit firm

These amazing shoes should definitely be on your list as they are too good in comfort and style that you seem to fly in them. The upper of this shoe is entirely a single piece of mesh and nylon. They do not stretch much so putting them on can be uncomfortable but after that they are a delight.

They really have an exceptional traction. Whether you go and play outdoor on rough or indoor on smooth they really grip the court and so that makes them best to wear for playing outdoor basketball. Their rubber sole does not give in easily.

These Fascinating shoes gives us Zoom Air units for cushioning giving our foot an amazingly soft and bouncy performance absorbing all the impacts of the landings. Their lightweight gives you maximum freedom to play.

They have a heel strap that locks the heel in the shoes. It is also attached to the heel counter up to the ankle and provides the ankle the support it needs. Strap on forefoot locks the forefoot and the midfoot in place.

Its great fit makes its support even better. They fit true to size and their lockdown is just amazing. Dead space in the shoe is very less which won’t affect you. Once you tighten the laces, they won’t let the foot move inside.

These shoes are one of the best for outdoor basketball. I will recommend them for you if you want my opinion.

  • They have amazing cushioning.
  • They are great on every kind of court whether outdoor or indoor.
  • The lockdown is amazing due to the straps
  • The traction is beastly
  • Their mesh upper is not stretchable that makes it difficult to put them on.

In 2018, adidas was not having a great year considering basketball shoes until Adidas Pro Bounce was introduced and it really changed the game for Adidas.

These shoes have Forge Fiber material for the upper, a combination of lightweight mesh with extra stitching for better strength and durability. This material is quite lightweight and breathable which keeps the feet dry by the air flow.

The outsole on these shoes is one of the best that adidas had for a long period of time. The pattern is spiral which can attract some dust due to shallow grooves but performs best in any court whether indoor or outdoor.

In these shoes Adidas used Bounce cushioning rather than the Boost one like their many other shoes. Bounce cushioning provides the best impact protection in these shoes along with providing great court feel.

They have good support for the feet. For torsional support it has two split TPU spring plates that comes to the forefoot. Midsole is wide and flat with outriggers.

These shoes go true to size. Some narrow footers may need to go down half a size. A bit of dead space is in front of the toe. If you mind that go down a size otherwise no problem. Narrow footers can also feel a bit space on sides.

Their lockdown is awesome despite a bit dead space. Lacing system is of fly wire like cables.

I will definitely recommend this one too as they have reasonable price and best for outdoor courts.

  • They are versatile. Both heavy and lightweight players can play in these.
  • Their traction is great on any kind of court
  • Their midsole protects the lower body from stress during playing
  • They are aesthetically appealing and have a great design
  • The Bounce Cushioning is well balanced
  • Their materials may feel a bit cheap
  • Their support can be an issue for some people

These are the second edition in James Harden signature sneakers. These shoes have the material which is the mix of mesh and neoprene. Mesh covers the upper area of the foot mostly. The mesh is very breathable which provides the required air flow and ventilation. Neoprene part is also partly breathable.

They have a traction pattern like a shattered glass or say a fractal pattern which is random. This helps great on the court whether indoor or outdoor. On clean courts the traction is beastly but on dusty courts they may need wiping. Hard rubber makes them good for outdoor play.

For Cushioning, they feature Full Length Boost like in Vol 1 but thicker as compared to Vol 1. This Full-Length Boost gives a good heel to toe transition. The density of the cushion is variable throughout the midsole. This cushioning gives great bounce and impact protection.

The support on these shoes is also best. Internal shank is present for torsional support. Upper also provides a great lockdown and supporting the fit. Ankle support is also sufficient.

They fit true to size. The adjustable lacing system adapts to all kinds of feet either narrow or wide. Some time it locks the foot so good that laces need to be loosen for reliving some pressure.

These are really a step up from Vol 1 and are great for outdoor play. They provide great performance and overall makeup and structure of shoe is great. They should definitely be on your buying list.

  • These shoes have great cushioning and impact protection
  • Their hard rubber and amazing traction make them best to play on outdoor courts
  • The mesh and neoprene both are breathable for best ventilation
  • The lacing system is very innovative and adjustable
  • They may be a bit heavyweight

These amazing shoes featuring the UA ClutchFit technology are very lightweight and comfy. The ClutchFit technology is featured from midfoot to the ankle collar unlike the first ClutchFit drive where it was featured on all of the upper.

The traction pattern on them is simple multi directional herringbone without any fancy arrangement etc. that really gets the job done. They grip the feet in such a way that it enables you to take hard cuts and quick cutbacks without worrying about any slippage or injury.

For Cushioning, they feature the Charged foam technology that’s a bit firm from the Micro G featured in the first one but provides better responsiveness and impact protection. So, you need not worry about landing when jumping high.

For Support, a fused overlay is used that provides the amazing supportive feel that big players need. These shoes do not restrict you in any kind with the support unlike many other shoes which have extra support for bigger players.

Their fit is good. Going down half a size can be good for some people for a snug fit. If you wear an ankle brace, these shoes can accommodate them too. The 3D molded tongue will cover your foot and ankle and really lock it in place.

  • The traction is amazing due to the multi directional pattern
  • They are durable even on outdoor courts
  • They have a variety of colors to choose from
  • They are extremely comfortable to wear
  • The lockdown and support are amazing due to the narrow fit.
  • They can run a bit narrow
  • The shoe can be stiff for some users

These beastly shoes have an upper of a combination of synthetic leather and foam backed mesh along with wing overlays that provide support and lockdown. The upper is quite lightweight and durable. Shoes are mostly covered by half bootie construction. Sensitive areas are protected by leather. The mesh is quite breathable keeping the feet dry and providing air flow.

For traction, like most Adidas shoes they also feature herringbone pattern that is on full sole from heel to toe. Outsole rubber is quite solid and can withstand outdoor play. The chances of dust collecting on grooves are quite minimal as grooves are wide and deep.

As the name suggests, Bounce cushioning is present that provides great comfort and damps the impact forces to allow you to play aggressive without the worry of injury.

As far as support is concerned, they are really good. They have a wide outrigger that helps players that roll their ankles. Ankle collar have rigid materials that makes them good for ankle support. TPU midfoot panel gives extra stability.

This shoe is good for centers or heavy men because of the sturdy upper. Their fit is good as they have the conventional lacing system which gives quite a snug fit. When laces are pulled, the heel counter and the bootie wraps and locks the foot from bottom and from behind providing best lockdown.

  • Rubber outsole is quite thick and durable that can provide great performance on any kind of court
  • The cushioning is great in this shoe as it provides amazing impact protection
  • They are extremely comfortable
  • They provide great ankle support
  • They do not accumulate dust in grooves
  • These shoes may be hard to put on due to half bootie construction
  • Some dead space in present inside these shoes

These fascinating shoes have an upper made of textile with details like a spiderweb. The upper feels great and provides best performance. They may take some time to break in for your feet to adjust but after that these lightweight beauties are stable enough for a great play

The rubber outsole featuring the web-like herringbone pattern provides the best grip and traction needed in a court whether indoor or outdoor. They pick dust a bit so wiping will be needed for them to perform at their fullest

They feature the bounce cushioning and surprisingly they are one of the best iterations of Bounce Cushioning. They provide great court feel and stability. They also give the plush feel under the foot. The cushioning really provides comfort and impact protection.

Support is one of its best features. The heel lockdown is great. Thick midsole gives a good platform for the feet. Propulsion Clip on the side gives lateral support for unorthodox moves.

They run true to size. Some players may need to go down half a size. They can be a bit narrow in the forefoot.

These shoes are also available in mesh and leather in a lot of colorways so you should definitely give them a shot.

  • The outsole and traction pattern bear the outdoor courts
  • The cushioning is great and provides best balance and comfort
  • They have a moderate price
  • The materials used are of good quality
  • The heel cushioning can be a little chunky

Buying Guide:

Before Buying Shoes for outdoor basketball a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The outsole rubber should be durable
  • The rubber should be thick
  • The traction pattern should be deep
  • The price should be medium as outdoor playing lessen the life of the shoe so buying very expensive ones can’t help
  • Cushioning should be more comfortable as outdoor courts can be rough playing on
  • Ankle support should be proper on them
  • The upper material should be durable
  • The fit of the shoe on your feet should be best otherwise your feet can slip which can result in disastrous results


So, the best basketball shoe for playing outdoor will be the one that can last the longest. Every shoe eventually gives in on the rough surfaces. So, durability must be your first choice. My choices for you are:

  • Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2
  • Nike Lebron Soldier 9
  • Adidas Harden Vol 2

Their detailed description is above. You just need to know that these shoes have the best outsole that can last longer than other shoes. They may lack in one or two qualities but durability is not one of them.

So, have you found your dream shoe. Hurry up and buy them. You can also buy from amazon by clicking the links on the descriptions