Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle support 2022

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle support

Basketball is a very physical and fast game involving a lot of jumping and running. Foot injuries like ankle twisting are most common in Basketball. Very few players are there who may never have sprained their ankle. Jumping, running, changing direction while running, this can happen often. So, wearing shoes having proper ankle support while playing basketball is very important. Good shoes greatly reduce the risk of injury.  But finding such shoes that provide support to your feet and ankles and are also comfortable, economic and bouncy is a very difficult task. 

We have put together a list of top 10 basketball shoes for ankle support for your convenience so that you don’t have to waste too much time finding and deciding which shoes are best for you.

Along with providing information about their ankle support, their other features are also discussed giving you an overall view of the shoes.

Personally, I think Adidas Dame 5 are the best ones as they are soft, comfortable and have the best support for your ankles because of the comforting lockdown.

When we discuss sports equipment, the first company that instantly comes in our mind is Adidas. Adidas is providing best quality sports gear for over half a century.

Adidas Dame 5 is the fifth edition of the Damian Lillard series. These shoes are extremely comfortable and their upper is made up of soft suede and internal pods along the midfoot. Herringbone outsole offers great traction. They are extremely light weight and have rubber sole. They give the best bounce and are available in a variety of colors.

They are a bit slippery and a little bit dead space is present in the toe box.

As far as ankle support is concerned, this is one of the best footwears you will find nowadays because its lockdown is great and comforting. The extra space at the forefront really adds to the stability and bounce cushioning is also best. As I have written earlier these shoes are highly recommended if you are going for the best protection of your ankles.

These shoes are available in two textiles, mesh and leather but types are same in terms of the performance. So it does not matter if you go for the leather one or the mesh one.


  • Very comfortable
  • Soft
  • Responsive bounce cushioning
  • Amazing traction


  • Less grip on dusty courts

Nike Lebron Soldier XI

While thinking about sports apparel, the brand other than Adidas that comes to mind is Nike.

Nike is also a veteran in the field of sports gear and Nike Lebron Soldier XI is one of their products that stand out in basketball shoes.

Soldier XI is leather made, synthetic shoes without any laces. It uses four straps in place of laces. Its upper side has a breathable mesh that makes them comfortable. It also has a unique triangular pattern at heel for better grip. It has pull tabs and a rubber sole with multipurpose traction.

Their Cushioning did not involve hexogen style air units like other Nike products. This time they introduced heel and forefoot Zoom Air units. This setup is good than the older one as it is more responsive and softer.

For ankle support, these Zoom Air units really absorbs the hard landings so that you do not have chances for spraining your ankle.

They are best for any kind of surfaces. On dusty courts, they may need proper cleaning and wiping but they will provide best performance on it too. They may not have a variety of colors available but they are a treat for the feet.

And their unique style makes them different from others.


  • Breathable mesh on top
  • Comfortable
  • Brilliant Traction
  • Good Bounce
  • Lightweight


  • Durability (outsole rubber may wear out after a few uses).

The next shoe in our list is from another great company, Under Armour. These are the UA lockdown 4, one of the best shoes that Under Armour offer for sports.

These shoes are 100% synthetic and they also have rubber sole with multilevel adaptive traction pattern to provide exceptional movement and control on the court. Like Nike Lebron Soldier Xi, they also have perforated leather as a breathable mesh on top.

They don’t weigh much and provide comfort to foot by a super breathable sockliner. Its midsole has injection molded EVA that provides a responsive ride.

These shoes are also a good choice when you consider ankle support while choosing the shoe. It really damps the impact you make with the ground after a high jump. The TPU hot melt firm toe cap give added protection and durability.

With all these amazing features. It is highly cost effective and available in different color hues that will match with any color of kit.


  • Lightweight
  • Great in comfort
  • Plenty of designs and color options
  • Lots of traction for movement control
  • Good for wide feet


  • Need a day or two to break in

Reebok is also one of the best companies among the footwear brands and Royal BB4500 HI2 Sneaker is one of their best products for basketball.

These classic shoes instantly become everyone’s favorite because of their classic color, durability and comfort.

These shoes are available in white and solid grey color. They are made of leather and have a mesh upper for breathability. Its mid cut design gives stability and ankle support. Its outsoles are of high abrasion rubber. Variety of sizes are available for this awesome piece of footwear. EVA foam sock liner provides great comfort as you jump and play. Moreover, it got a round toe, lace up closure and padded footbed. These shoes maximize the traction with the padded tongue and comfortable fit.


  • Cushioned ankle support
  • Perforated ventilation
  • High stability control
  • Motion contro
  • EVA foam sock liner for comfort


  • Size often run small for some people.

You may now be rushing to buy these but wait they are more shoes below which might interest you more.

Nike rarely disappoints us with its shoes and its Kyrie series is also one of its flagship series for basketball shoes.

Nike Kyrie 6 is the latest edition in it. And it is also the best one so far.

The traction of this Nike Kyrie 6 like the whole Kyrie series is great. Its lightweight foam midsole is soft, supportive, and helps to smooth the heel-to-toe transition. It also has a multi angle blade pattern for extra grip on the court. The forefoot has a lightweight mesh that is breathable. Softer Injected Phylon is used for the midsole tooling, it’s probably the same Injected Phylon that was featured on Nike PG3

These shoes have good lockdown and very solid support, though the flytrap enclosure may require you going up half a size.

Materials used on the shoe are very nice overall as the rear half of the shoe is genuine leather. It’s soft, plush and covers the heel and ankle really nicely. Front foot material is textile which is neither too soft nor too hard.

There are adjustable strap crosses over the laces to keep your foot stable over the footbed and prevents your ankle from spraining and hence providing great ankle support. It has a molded plastic heel piece at the toe with an extra layer at the heel for durability.



  • Multi-angle blade pattern for amazing traction
  • Breathable mesh for breathability
  • Reinforced toe Oval laces
  • Padded collar for ankle


  • Abrasive resistance

Overall, Nike Kyrie 6 is an evolution of Nike Kyrie 5 with a lot of small improvements which makes it the best kyrie so far. If you are going for a Kyrie, you should definitely go for the latest one.

Next on the list is another product form Under Armour which is the Curry 3Zero, a trimmed down model of the Curry 3. A moderately priced basketball shoe with great ankle support, arch support, and they have nice cushioning too.

It involves herringbone traction, molded maxprene upper with zonal restriction engineered from within for maximum comfort & breathability. And for cushioning and support below the foot is a die cut EVA sockliner. For better bounce and impact protection, it has dual density microG midsole with a charged crash pad in the heel.

These shoes are light to medium weight and perform extremely well on clean courts. A few complaints are of a bit irregularity on dusty courts but these shoes are best for people who look for lower leg and ankle support. Its adjustable collar provides best ankle support without compromising on agility. Elegant and soft, these shoes hug the feet like gloves. The adjustable collar also made the lockdown very good and it greatly increases the stability.

It comes with a lot of cushioning which is rebound so that makes the shoe very responsive and give explosive jumps and speed.


  • Soft and durable
  • Solid traction on clean courts
  • Adjustable collar for ankle support
  • Better heel to toe transition
  • Affordable


  • Traction not good on dusty courts

Besides ankle support, if your other priorities are quickness and responsiveness then these shoes are best for you.

Next we have another one from Adidas, the performance Crazy Explosive. Adidas is here once again. No doubt, Adidas has always provided the best.

These shoes have a lightweight synthetic and textile upper for durability. These shoes have TPU technology and thus provide incredible support for the heels and ankles. They provide extra boast and excellent response.

Its looks are also one of the things that make them standout. Its anatomical lace system wraps the entire foot and relieves pressure. Excellent grip by the rubber sole on the bottom and no empty spaces in the shoe.

It also involves boast cushioning designed for high jumps, speed and explosiveness.

These shoes come with a lot of arch support. It is high top too and have a thick ankle cuff so it provides great ankle support.

They take a bit time to break in but after that these shoes are a treat for the feet.  


  • Lightweight
  •  Amazing ankle support
  •  Perfect for all courts
  •   Amazingly beautiful look


  • No breathable mesh

If you are looking for maximum support, cushioning, and explosiveness, then it’s a great shoe to keep in mind before buying.

Nike Kobe AD NXT

Another one from Nike. This time it’s Kobe AD NXT, a redesign of the Kobe AD which was not so promising.

One significant change that it has from the Kobe AD is in the binding framework. Traction is the same as Kobe AD but it is excellent for any kind of court. Just a little wiping required on dusty courts from period to period.

They are comfortable, best for ankle support and have the perfect fit even without tying the laces. It also offers a breathable mesh on top. They are a bit expensive but worth every penny.

One of the significant feature that you may have noticed by now is that they d not have laces. They use this integrated tightening lace system, so you can just slip them right on your feet and tighten them. Some people may like this feature, while others may not. But this feature definitely do not affect performance of the shoe by any kind.

Overall, it is a wonderful sequel of the Kobe AD. You should definitely go for them if you can afford as they are a bit heavy on the pocket. The cushioning is a bit stiff at start but it breaks in after a wear or two.


  • Excellent Traction
  • Best Lacing System
  • Comfortable
  • Best Ventilation
  • Explosive energy transfer


  • A bit expensive
  • Fit is not so flexible

Next on the list is Adidas again. it’s the Originals Men Pro Bounce Low. With an innovative design, best grip and excellent ankle support, it surely can be considered one of the best.

This shoe resembles a bit with their last released shoe, the Mad Bounce.

It also has a breathable mesh on top for ventilation and provides a great comfort to the feet. Bounce cushioning provides enhanced flexibility. These shoes also has a rubber outsole with an aggressive tread pattern that holds firm to the court and you do not slip when you are running, faking out your opponents, and going in for a basket.

Forge Fiber in the upper features heat-pressed, TPU-coated fibers that are stitched in to provide targeted support and lightweight durability. This shoe also has the GeoFit construction which enhances the stability and comfort for the player.

It also has a TPU shank in the midfoot for stability and torsional control. It has the best ankle braces for the security of ankles. Not only does it provide support, it also has all the features required by a professional player. Its design perfectly distributes your weight on the entire shoe.


  • Great traction
  • Great all around support
  • TPU shank in midfoot for excellent stability
  • Comfortable
  • Variety of color options


  • Toe box a bit narrow for some individuals

The last on our list but not the least is the second form the Reebok. It’s none other than the Shaq Attaq. These shoes came out more than 25 years ago but still they attract many people because of their amazing features.

These are amazing shoes with graphite technology. They are highly durable and are true to their size. Injection molded EVA midsole adds cushion while graphite provides support. Pump P366 in the tongue helps adjust to a custom fit. Its insole is removable and makes room for orthotics.

Its upper is made of and mesh and leather. The toe box is rounded. The exaggerated tongue is made of breathable mesh for breathability. Partnered with the eyelets are traditional flat laces. Its outsole also have the herringbone pattern for best grip on the court.

Having a mid-cut design, it provides exceptional great support for the ankles.

These shoes are perfect for centre position players as they have excellent traction and provide great grip on the court. Not so expensive, you should definitely go for them if you are looking for inexpensive, comfortable and durable shoes and if you are a centre position player.

They are not specifically made for basketball but they definitely can make any list of basket ball shoes whether we consider support, durability, cushioning or bounce.


  • True to size
  • Pump P366 technology for a custom fit
  • Graphite technology for stability
  • Leather and mesh upper for breathability


  • A bit narrow footed

Buying Guide:

When we buy a product, most of the times we become biased towards the looks of it. But while buying sports equipment like shoes in this case, we should consider more about the safety and durability of the product. Adidas and Nike are the two major companies for sports equipment Below is the list of things you should consider while buying basketball shoes for ankle support.

Durability: You should make sure that the shoes are able to withstand the extreme conditions a player faces while playing

Grip: Make sure that the shoes aren’t much slippery and they have a good grip on the type of court on which you play. Preferably, the shoes should be able to grip on any kind of basketball court.

Price: Our general trend is that we try to buy the product that is cheap, but you should consider that safety and quality comes first and buy a product with good quality even if the price is more. But at the same time, do not be extravagant and buy a expensive product that is not even worth the money.

Reviews of users: Read reviews of other people too before buying. But you can skip that here as my article is mostly based on user reviews.

Your feet type: Some people have narrow feet, some have wide. So do consider this before buying that what type of feet you have because you may face some size problems in some of the products.

Friendly suggestions

One thing that you should know is that if your ankles are delicate and you sprain them easily, then only shoes will not be enough to provide the necessary support. You should wear ankle braces and do additional precautions in order to remain safe.

If you have faced ankle injury once then you have an increased risk of injury again so take proper care in case of injury and rest properly before playing again. If you start playing without proper recovery then these great shoes will be of no help and you make your condition more worse.


As I have provided a list for you of the best shoes for ankle support, now the job is on you to decide which you should buy according to your budget, your preferred style, court in which you play, position on which you play, your body and feet size and width. These shoes are just sneakers. The main thing is your play how you deliver on the field. The shoes will just make your feet comfortable and safe you from injuries.

My choices and recommendations for you are the Adidas Dame 5 and Nike Kyrie 6, the latest in the Kyrie series. Dame 5 for the best traction and Kyrie series is all great and its latest Kyrie 6 is the best one of them so far.

Before Buying you should definitely read the reviews about the product from the people who have bought the product so that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of each shoe.

That said, now go and buy, what are you waiting for?