The Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2022

Wearing proper shoes is very important to play any sport. When it comes to basketball, finding the right shoe becomes more important as this game involves a lot of movement and jumping so a slight mistake can result in injury. The companies like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour try to make basketball shoes that fit the feet of the player and provide him proper support and performance and at the same time reduce the risk of injury.

So, the shoes are made to fit the regular feet in width so that their feet do not slip in it. This causes problems for the people with wide feet as all people do not have the same feet and body type. So, such people have to take great care while choosing the shoe as a normal width shoe can make them uncomfortable and reduce their ability to play. It’s a difficult task to find such shoes that fit the wide feet. Sometimes going up half or one size helps but not in all shoes. Below I have assembled a list of 10 best basketball shoes for wide feet. These shoes not only fit the wide feet, they are also comfortable for them and do not compromise on the performance of the player.

Here you will find many shoes from Adidas as Adidas cares about those people too who have wide feet. If you want to take my advice then I will recommend Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive for you as they not only fit wide feet but are also a complete package for your feet

So, let’s go through the list and find the best shoe for you.

Our Top Picks

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Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid

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  • They are too good for the price asked
  • They have very accurate sizes
  • They have Cloudfoam midsole

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Reebok Men's ROYAL BB4500H XW

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  • The flat outsoles make the push and pull less on feet
  • Its strong reinforcements make the construction of the shoe strong.
  • It has the side by side supports that assist in stability

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Spalding Over The Door Unit

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  • These shoes are lightweight and responsive
  • They are perfect for all courts
  • They provide the best grip and stability

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Here first on the list we have a shoe from the most famous company for sports apparel, Adidas.  Adidas is providing best quality sports gear for over half a century. The shoe which I am going to discuss is the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe. 

These are high-top basketball sneakers featuring 3-Stripes logo at sides and perforations for ventilation. As from the name, it is clear that it uses CloudFoam sock liner and midsole for lightweight cushioning.

It has a great design and they are extremely comfortable to play. It also features a memory foam footbed for unparalleled performance.

On the top part, it has a durable leather material which makes them durable and they will remain in shape for a long time.

The collar, tongue and its rear part are made up of sturdy fabric that will not get damaged under playing.

Its outsole is of grippy rubber which makes it almost impossible to slip even on very smooth surfaces. It grips the court like a magnet on iron. Stability and ankle support are improved by the mid-cut design.

As many of the world class shoes, in this shoe, Adidas also took care of the breathability of the shoe. It has an air mesh fabric in the design of collar, tongue and rear quarter for proper ventilation. Also, some perforations are added to aid in ventilation.

We know that generally the shoes size determines both length and width but this shoe also offers sizes in different widths. Also, these shoes are so comfortable that they cannot hurt feet even if the feet are wide for the shoe.


  • These shoes are quite soft and comfortable
  • They are too good for the price asked
  • They have very accurate sizes
  • They have Cloudfoam midsole for lightweight cushioning


  • Their soles can peel off (stitching can help)

These shoes aren’t so expensive and their awesome design makes them good for casual wear too. So, they aren’t a bad choice to buy.

Second on the list is the great shoe from Nike that has been around for more than 35 years, the Nike Air Force 1 High.

First released in 1982, these shoes are the first to feature AIR technology. Named after the aircraft that carries the president of the USA, these are Nike’s most popular shoes to date. They have been produced in over 2000 colors and available in high, mid and low top models.

Nike discontinued them in 1984 but their intense demand made Nike to bring them back and they are still being produced to this day. Over two thousand versions of these shoes have come out and it’s the bestselling basketball shoe without doubt.

Its full length AirSole provides great cushioning that in turn provides great comfort to the feet. The cushioning is lightweight so it makes the feet feel great on the court and off the court too.

Its non-marking rubber sole has excellent traction for a playing sneaker. The version I am discussing is made of leather and synthetic compounds. The classic adjustable ankle strap and high cut collar provides excellent support and protection from accidents.

The perforations added on the upper of the shoe add breathability to the shoe and hence proper ventilation of the shoe. The pivot points in the outsole help with transitions and movement in all directions.

This version mostly has the same features of the original 1982 version in terms of colors and sole etc.

These shoes are roomy with enough room at the toe box. So, people with wide feet feel comfortable wearing these.


  • These shoes are very durable and comfortable.
  • They provide great support for ankle and heel
  • Almost 2000 different colors or versions so you can choose the color of your choice.
  • Its upper leather is premium. In fact, all materials used on the shoe are premium.
  • These shoes are also breathable like other premium shoes.


  • These shoes can crease in the leather upper.

These shoes are reasonably affordable and have been worn by legends like Jamaal walkers, and Kobe Bryant. So, these shoes are a very good choice if you want to try the best sneakers of Nike which are comfortable even for wide feet people.


For most of the people who are in sports, Adidas is their first choice. Next on the list is again an amazing shoe from Adidas. It is the Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive.

These shoes have a textile upper which is lightweight and synthetic and provides great durability. It also has TPU technology, which provide incredible support for the heels and ankles reducing the risks of any kinds of injuries.

The appearance of these are also one of the things that make them standout and attract people. Its anatomical lace system wraps the entire foot and relieves pressure. Excellent grip by the rubber sole on the bottom and no empty spaces in the shoe.

These shoes come with a lot of arch support. It is high top too and has a thick ankle cuff so it provides great ankle support. Their incredible ankle support also enabled them to make the list of best basketball shoes for ankle support.

As far as cushioning is concerned it involves boost cushioning designed for high jumps, speed and explosiveness. They provide great extra boost and excellent response.

These shoes may take a bit time to break in but after that these shoes are best to play. These shoes are best for those lightweight players that need minimal forefoot cushioning.

These shoes are extremely comfortable and they generally fit people with wide feet. if you have narrow feet you may order a half inch smaller so generally, they fit people with wide feet as its material is also made to support wide feet. 

If you have wide feet and are looking for a shoe with maximum support, cushioning, andexplosiveness, then it’s a great shoe to keep in mind before buying.


  • These shoes are lightweight and responsive
  • They provide amazing ankle support by a upper wrap
  • They are perfect for all courts
  • They provide the best grip and stability
  • It has amazing heel to midfoot cushioning


  • Its laces can loosen easily
  • Their sole can peel off

If you have wide feet and are looking for a shoe with maximum support, cushioning, and explosiveness, then it’s a great shoe to keep in mind before buying.

Next on the list is the shoe from Reebok, another big name for shoes, that may not be a basketball shoe in particular but is surely better than many of them out there. It’s the Reebok Men’s ROYAL BB4500H XW.

These shoes may generally come under the category of fashion sneakers but they are also a complete package for playing basketball.

It is a high-top sneaker with mid cut design and it features Reebok logos at the side and counter. It is made of leather and its synthetic build has heavy levels of robust reinforcements all through the outer shell covering. These reinforcements make the shoe durable and strong and makes it able to withstand hard conditions.

It has a removable ortholite sock liner and high abrasion rubber outsole that makes the kicks last. The leather is breathable and it also has a mesh upper that provides ventilation and great support.

It has a flat outsole that are best for people with wide feet. It also helps cut down on how much pulling and pushing is on the foot while creating a better platform for push off and explosions

In the ankle region it has synthetic side by side supports that helps in reducing area movement. Thus, it increases the stability of the player while performing intense movements.

These shoes are best for wide feet as they have a flat outsole which are ideal for wide feet people and hence, they can perform well without worrying about any discomfort.


  • Its strong reinforcements make the construction of the shoe strong.
  • It has the side by side supports that assist in stability
  • The flat outsoles make the push and pull less on feet


  • It has a heavy buildup overall. Not such a lightweight shoe.

So, these shoes are not specifically for basketball but they are good for it. So you should definitely consider them while buying as it will also cover your need of a casual wear.

Next one on the list is from the company Under Armour. It is the third edition of the Curry, the Curry 3.

Under Armour is not so old when we consider basketball shoes but in these Curry shoes, they really stepped up the game.

These UA curry 3 shoes are ultra-lightweight and highly durable. Its upper is thread borne that ensures best support, structure and directional strength and it provides best balance and ventilation.

For grip and traction, a multi directional herringbone outsole is installed that encourages you to take aggressive movements.

The foam is added at places where it wasn’t before in the previous editions. The Anafoam and thick padding really wraps and locks the ankle.

The perforations in the fabric increases the airflow keeping your feet dry, cool and comfortable. Moulded heel counter delivers great comfort and protection.

Charged midsole provides excellent cushioning that absorbs the shocks of landing greatly protecting you from injuries.

A metawing plate provides locked-in stability through the heel arch and foot and it also acts as a stabilizer for transitioning motion. It also has a midfoot shank that helps maintain torsional rigidity.

These shoes are made considering all types of feet, especially wide feet. So, people with wide feet can go true to their size. While narrow feet people may need to go down half a size.


  • These shoes are stylish and very comfortable.
  • Their performance and durability is excellent.
  • The multidirectional traction pattern provides the best grip.
  • Materials used on the shoe are very good


  • They take time to break in
  • Cushioning is firm that may be uncomfortable for some

These shoes are great performers on court and the best shoe of the curry edition. So if you are going for Curry shoes and have wide feet. These are best for you.

Adidas has always tried to accommodate the wide foot along with other of its amazing features and Adidas Ownthegame Wide is an example of such a basketball shoe.

These men’s mid-cut basketball shoes have a wide fit and superior Cloudfoam cushioning for great comfort during clutch moves. Its durable Adiwear outsole provides dual-zone traction and it greatly aids in durability. The leather-like upper features a debossed toe cap and sleek 3-Stripes.

It also has an ultra footbed with soft massage nubs which comforts the feet and makes you able to play for a long time before you start feeling uncomfortable. This shoe is lighter than it looks. It also has a pull tab to aid in putting on the shoe.

Lace design is traditional like a general shoe. The synthetic mesh weave upper with imitation leather composite for a good lockdown and lateral support qualities. They really lock the foot and do not let the foot slip in the shoe

Its mid top design maximizes the support but no unnecessary weight is added in this way and hence you can perform in the best way without having too much burden on your feet.

As we see it’s in its name, wide basketball shoe so it was specially made for people who have wide feet. That doesn’t mean people with narrow feet cannot wear them. They should just get the right size.


  • Adiwear outsole is one of its best features
  • They are lightweight than expectations
  • They are very inexpensive
  • Cloudfoam footbed maximizes freshness and hygiene


  • A bit compromise is on quality as it a very inexpensive shoe.

Next on the list is the second entry from Under Armour, the Drive 4

The best things about these UA Drive 4 is its traction. It has a thick herringbone pattern that grips the surface and doesn’t let it go. They grip best on all kinds of court.

Upper is made up of lightweight and breathable textile that is best for ventilation. It has a full-length bootie construction with molded ankle collar for best structure and support and provides a comfortable fit.

It also features a die-cut EVA sock liner midsole which provides support and cushioning. In the heel, there is micro-G cushioning that provides comfort and additional support and lock the foot in place.

In forefoot, the toe wrap improves flexibility. Its lace loops are reinforced that makes them durable. These shoes really make you feel the court by amazing traction.

They are absolutely friendly for wide feet people. The forefoot area is wide and there is plenty of room on all around the shoe. So, for people with wide feet who don’t find the right shoe that fits them easily, these are a good choice.


  • They have a fair price. Neither too expensive nor too cheap.
  • They provide absolutely best traction on any kind of court.
  • They also have good arch support for flat footers
  • They also provide amazing ankle support.


  • They take a bit time to break in that may be uncomfortable but after that get ready for the best experience
  • A little less padding on the heel cup

They are not too expensive. Providing best traction along with support for ankles definitely makes them stand out. The features of these shoes are definitely more than the price asked.

Next, we have a shoe from Puma, that made their return in basketball shoes with an amazing entry, the Clyde Court Disrupt.

These shoes are first basketball sneakers by Puma in over 20 years and it is really an amazing shoe for basketball. The pattern used underfoot for traction is an inverted traction pattern like the original Clyde sneaker. It offers consistency but takes a little time to break in. It offers great grip on the court. It needs wiping from time to time for best performance.

It has an engineered sock-like collar which offers great support and flexibility around the ankle. Upper is knitted fully which provides comfort and support. It has a thick knit that moves with the foot and supports it during playing. These shoes remain true to size.

For cushioning and support, PUMA uses two great technologies here, the IGNITE foam and NRGY beads. NRGY beads are foam midsole beads that offer great cushioning on all the foot while IGNITE foam supports and stabilizes the heel onto the platform.

The padding used under the tongue greatly reduces any discomfort which could be caused by tightening the shoe too much.

These shoes are good for wide feet as they stretch over time so if you feel narrow at first, do not be upset, you will get a good fit as the time passes.


  • They have an attractive and eye-catching design
  • The upper knit material is very well implemented
  • Its upper is made of great materials
  • It has very comfortable foam-based cushioning.


  • Little problems in traction.

These shoes are a must for you if you have wide feet and you want to try something else other than Nike, Adidas or UA.

Next on the list is adidas once again. It’s the Performance D Rose 7.

These shoes are the 7th edition of the Adidas collaboration with Derrick Rose and they are one of the best basketball shoes when we consider wide feet.

It has herringbone throughout the outer side and thick rubber which makes their traction excellent. They perform best on all kinds of court and they don’t even need wiping from time to time as no dust gets collected on them.

They have engineered mesh which is backed by nylon. Collar is made of neoprene stuffed with padding. On the outside of the collar are synthetic leather lockdown wings that work the best.

They also provide solid lockdown of feet that makes them stable while running or jumping vigorously.

Its impact protection is made exceptional by the great Air setup. They also have a collar for support against ankle rolls.

They provide the best comfort for the feet as they are padded by an extra bouncy cushion that is just great. Some users who have foot pain reveal that wearing these shoes made their pain go away with time.

They also have a primeknit version that is great for flexibility and ventilation.

These shoes are specially dedicated for wide feet so they are best for such people. Their primeknit version is also good for wide feet.


  • These shoes are very durable
  • They are extremely comfortable
  • The ankle collar provides great support and protection against ankle sprains.
  • These shoes provide great grip for lateral movements.


  • They may not be very responsive according to some users.

These shoes are reasonably priced and provide best traction, cushioning, support and performance and they are good for wide feet. These qualities definitely make them a great candidate for buying.

Last but not the least, is the Nike Lebron 17, the 17th edition of the Lebron series. 

Specifically designed for Lebron, these shoes have the largest heel Max Air unit to absorb force from impacts. These shoes also have visible, maximum volume zoom air units under for quick and continuous responsiveness to generate fast paced action.

It has a fairly good grippy traction that may be best for some users but some users have complained about it too. Traction can pick up a bit dust so wiping from time to time will help.

Its upper material is thick, soft and comfortable but it can also get hot after some time.

It has a wide collar with traditional tongue which makes putting them on and taking them off quite easy. It provides a comfortable and locked in feel to the feet.

On the forefront, the rubber is split separating the right and left of the shoe with a space in between that provides excellent flexibility.

It also has a soft foam pod under the Max Air unit that provides great cushioning and great heel to toe transitioning.

It also includes stabilizing plastic clip wraps around the heel to lock you in. Its lockdown and support are also best.

Many of the Lebron shoes are made considering large people. So, they are wide foot friendly and thus best for people with width of feet more than normal.


  • It has extremely comfortable cushioning.
  • Its upper materials are premium and best that can be used in a good shoe.
  • They are very flexible because of the split feature.


  • They are a bit heavy.
  • They are a bit expensive but worth every penny.

These shoes are a great performer overall and best for large people as they are very supportive and comfortable.

Buying Guide:

Below I have listed some of the factors and features in a shoe that you should consider before buying basketball shoes for your wide feet.

  1. The shoes should be durable as basketball is a very physical game and your shoes should be able to bear it.
  2. The traction and outsole should be good for the court on you play
  3. The toe box should be wide and there should be space for your thumb
  4. The cushioning should be good and damp the impacts
  5. The performance and bounce of the shoe should be good
  6. The shoes should have a light to moderate weight
  7. They should have proper support for your ankles.
  8. The shoes should be breathable for ventilation.

Try to find the shoe that has a stretchy upper so that if the shoe is a bit narrow, the stretchy upper can cope with it and give you a good fit.


So, the reason you were here was that you have to find a proper basketball shoe for your wide feet from a large number of shoes. Well, now you have the best 10 of them. Now you should be able to choose the right shoe from this list considering other factors and features as well.

Still if you are not able to choose, as I have mentioned earlier, Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive is my choice. I will also recommend Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation. Both of these shoes have a reasonable price and the best features that you will find along with wide feet compatibility. 

So now go and buy the shoes and rock the court.