Top 6 Best Basketball Hoops for Kids and Toddlers in 2022

Best basketball hoops for kids 2021

Nowadays, kids are more into phones, iPads, and laptops, and they take very little interest in outdoor sports and games. Playing outdoor games is essential for kids’ health, growth, motion control, and coordination development. Basketball is one of the physical games that can help your child achieve all these things in a single game. If you are a basketball, then you will surely want to child to love basketball as well.

So, for your kid’s proper physical exercise and in making him a better basketball player, it is necessary to get him into action from a very young age. Here I have assembled a list of basketball hoops that you can get for your kid to start practicing. I will personally recommend Little Tikes Easy Score for tiny children, and then Little Tikes Adjust and Jam if they have outgrown Easy Score’s height levels. Go through the list and find the product that you think will be suitable for your kiddo

First on our list is this amazing hoop by Little Tikes, the Easy Score Basketball Set,  is designed for kids from 1 year old to 5 years old. This hoop can get your child in love with basketball. It is quite safe and durable and provides great fun for your kid.

It’s adjustable between two to four feet to adjust the hoop with the growing height of your kid. It comes with three balls so that your child won’t have to run around the room every time after the shot. He can shoot three in a row and then collect them and go again.

Its quite affordable, easy to set up, and very safe for your children so that they don’t get injured while playing. You fill the base made of plastic with sand so that the hoop does not tip. The sand isn’t in the package, but as you know, it is readily available. Its made of soft plastic material that cannot injure your child if it falls accidentally.

The goal is oversized, so buckets are comfortable, and for monster jams, the rim pulls away. This hoop can make your child hooked to basketball with a huge rim and three balls. Its a quite affordable choice for you if you want your little kid to try basketball.


  • This product comes with three balls—no need to buy a ball separately.
  • It’s quite lightweight and safe for the kid.
  • Its massive rim makes it easy for the child to shoot.
  • Height is adjustable from two to four feet.
  • The ball is made of rubber to ensure it is not edible.


  • Sand needs to be added in the base for stability, which is not provided with the product.

Second, on our list is SKLZ Pro Mini. This basketball hoop is available in 4 different types, namely Standard, Standard-Glow in the Dark, XL, and Micro. Standard, Micro, and XL mainly differ in backboard size while ‘Glow in the dark’ is self-explanatory that it glows in the dark and can be used to play at night in less light. We will discuss Standard one in detail, but you can get anyone according to your need.

The backboard is made up of shatter-proof polycarbonate having dimensions of 18″ x 12″. It is a door-mounted hoop and comes with a breakaway steel rim of 9 inches. As it’s a door-mounted hoop, height can not be adjusted. The hoop is padded to save the door from any kind of damage.

This hoop seems to be intended for older children that already have some basketball skills. You should not buy this assembly for a small child because he may lose interest in finding it challenging to dunk on such a hoop.  The hoop makes noise when used, which a lot of customers complained about.

Overall it is a perfect choice for your medium-aged kid if you want to get a door-mounted hoop. It comes with a ball as well, so you don’t need to buy it separately.


  • Its polycarbonate backboard is shatter-proof
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • It has a foam padding to protect the door and your kid.
  • It comes with a ball in the package of a diameter of 5 inches.



  • The hoop is very noisy.

Spalding company is manufacturing amazing basketballs and basketball hoops since its establishment in 1976. This Spalding Over-The-Door unit is an excellent choice for your kid.  This wall-mounted basketball hoop has a polycarbonate backboard that has the dimensions of 18” x 10.5”.The backboard is padded for the safety of your child and the protection of the door.

It features a 9-inch steel breakaway rim. It’s a replica of the actual NBA backboard scale down four times. This hoop comes with everything you need to set it up, including the door hooks padded to prevent scuffing and damage to the doorway. It also comes with a rubber basketball of 5-inch diameter, so you don’t have to buy that separately.

This product also helps to save space in the house as you can just attach it to the door and do not need a complete assembly with a base. Height is not adjustable. But you can attach it at any height according to the requirement.


  • The door hooks are padded, and they prevent scuffing.
  • A rubber ball of 5 inches diameter is also included in the package.
  • The logo of the NBA and graphics are present on the board and the ball.
  • The steel breakaway rim can take a slam.
  • The polycarbonate backboard is provided for safety.
  • The hoop is quite durable.


  • This basketball hoop is quite noisy.

Next on our list is Little Tikes Attach ‘n Play. This basketball hoop is made of soft plastic, door-mounted type, and excellent for those who want to save space in the house by not getting full assembly of a hoop in the house. Despite being wall-mounted, its height can be adjusted into three height adjustment according to the height of your kid

It’s not very strong and can break. Despite having a breakaway rim, the hoop’s holding to the door can be broken down with a powerful dunk. Frequent closing and opening of the door can also make this assembly lose.

Choosing the door is an essential step for this hoop. You should select the door which is not frequently opened so that someone doesn’t open the door and interrupt the game, which can also injure your child.


  • This product comes with the ball in the package.
  • The hoop, along with the net, can be folded for secure storage.
  • The height of this hoop can be adjusted in 3 adjustments.
  • The attachment of this hoop is quite easy


  • At the lowest height setting, the hoop can bang against the door.

This basketball hoop is one of the best choices for you if you want to try other brands instead of major ones like Tikes.

It has a lightweight base with two circular spaces where you can put your ball or a drink during playing. The height of this hoop can be adjusted from 2.5 feet to 4 feet in 6-inch increments. The base is light, so you should add sand or water to make it more stable, which you have to arrange separately. But the space to add sand or water is not so much as compared to the other products.

The backward size is slightly bigger than other mini basketball hoops of a similar kind. The rim is sturdy, of bright color that can be seen easily, and it is wide to make easy dunking. Thee net is real woven and of good quality.

The complete hoop is made up of plastic, and no metal is used so that your child could not bump in it and get hurt. Some people say that the quality is low, and the hoop is weak that can fall in case of intense dunking. It’s for small kids; they don’t do that kind of dunking to destroy the hoop. But if you still think it’s not strong, you can add additional screws that can help make it secure.

It is an excellent choice for tiny children who play easy, so definitely worth a try for you.


  • It comes with a 6-inch diameter basketball in the package.
  • There are two cup holders at the base for putting water bottles or basketball.
  • This basketball hoop is for small kids starting from 1 1/2 years old.
  • The height can be adjusted in 6-inch increments in the range from 30 inches to 48 inches.


  • Some people report that the quality is not very good.
  • Not a very strong hoop to buy, but if your kid plays smooth, you are good to go.


This product from Little Tikes, Adjust and Jam Pro, can be said to pick up where Easy Score lefts. Its height can be adjusted from four feet to six feet. It’s quite safe as well as it is made of soft plastic like Easy Score and cannot hurt your kid a little bit if the hoop tips over.

Its assembly is a bit large, and it will not be easy to set it up indoors. But it can be set outdoor is a yard as well because it is made for outdoor use too. The breakaway rim makes the dunking exciting. Even aggressive dunking does not make the hoop tip as the rim falls away, giving no chance to the hoop to topple.

It’s easy to assemble bu for more stability; you will need more sand to make the hoop’s base heavy. It comes with on ball in the package. It’s great for your child if he is growing at a fast rate. The height can be adjusted in 5 settings. It’s generally for older children, and it will surely increase the love of your child for basketball. 


  • It can both used indoors and outdoors
  • It’s suitable for different age kids as the height can be adjusted between 4 to 6 feet in 5 adjustments.
  • The breakaway rim gives better flexing.
  • It can slide on the carpet if you need to change its position.
  • It’s great for toddlers three years and older.


  • It’s not suitable for tiny kids like 2-year-olds.

This basketball set looks like a professional hoop, and it’s great for older kids. The large backboard improves the quality of the play. The height is adjustable at three positions from 4 feet to 6 feet according to your child’s height. The breakaway rim provides excellent performance and saves the child from injuring wrists in case of intense dunking.

Its base needs to be filled with sand or water for stability. It has a child-friendly design, which is best for kids. The edges are made smooth for preventing any kind of injury. The materials are sturdy, and the construction is solid, which can withstand everyday play even if poorly handled.

This basketball hoop will surely help your child in improving his / her basketball skills. Net is real woven, which lasts long. It’s a real top-notch choice for you to buy if you want to have your child enjoy the game at its fullest.


  • This hoop is adjustable from 4 to 6 feet.
  • Its base has a cup and ball holders for your convenience besides providing stability.
  • It has a breakaway rim that protects the kids from getting injured during playing.
  • It’s best for kids age 5 to early teens


  • Hoop clips may not hold out long.


Next, we have Little Tikes TotSports. This basketball hoop is intended for ages one-and-a-half to 5. It includes a junior size basketball and an oversized rim for easy dunking. It will help your kid to develop his/her basketball as well as motor skills and coordination.

The hoop height can be adjusted into six height adjustments starting from 2 feet to 4 feet. Its base is stable, but you need to add sand to make it more stable, which is not included in the package, and you have to buy it separately.

As the color of the hoop is pink, you can say that it is intended especially for girls. But that doesn’t mean that boys can’t play with it. The basketball with the package is orange, which does not match the hoop.

It’s an excellent choice for you to buy for your little girls to encourage them to play and improve their movement, confidence, and coordination. Give it a try for your tiny child.


  • The height of this hoop can be adjusted from 2 feet to 4 feet.
  • It’s suitable for kids age 1 1/2 years to 5 years.
  • It can be made more stable by adding sand in the base.
  • The rim is oversized for easy dunking.


  • The hoop can detach a little too easily

This Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System is a hoop that we can say covers all the basics of a basketball hoop, whether for children or teenagers. This basketball hoop will let you have a home-based basketball system so that you can have fun with your family and friends and practice whenever you want. 

It has a 44-inch acrylic backboard with a solid black steel rim with half-inch steel braces. You can also adjust the height of the hoop from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. The pole system is of three-piece which are 3 inches in diameter and give you the stability you need in practice or a quick game in your driveway.

This hoop can withstand all types of weather. Its 22-gallon base is stable, but you can increase its stability by adding sand or water. 

It has a five-year warranty so that you can have safety when you purchase this hoop. This hoop is an all-rounder for you as adults can play on it as well as the kids. So if you are planning to buy a hoop that should fulfill your playing urge as an adult and work for your kids, you should go for this one. It may not be suitable for tiny kids, but they will eventually grow up, and then they can play on it.


  • This hoop is designed to withstand the harshest weather.
  • Its backboard is quite durable, and you can say virtually unbreakable.
  • The height can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments.
  • Its rim is quite durable and has steel braces of half an inch.
  • It’s quite functional and innovative.


  • It isn’t suitable for tiny kids

Last on our list is this fantastic basketball hoop, YAHEETECH portable, which has an unbreakable backboard (in theory) as it is constructed by non-toxic PE plastic material. The blackboard has a red design and is round that gives a great modern look.

This basketball hoop has a collapsible design so that when it is not in use, or you want to transport it somewhere else, it can be disassembled to flat pieces, which then take less space in your garage or truck.

As this hoop is portable, its stability can be a problem for teenagers. In this hoop, instead of oval posts like most of the plastic hoops have, it has round posts with a knob, making it more stable. The stability can be increased by adding sand or water into its base. The base also has wheels so that you can move it here and there with ease.

Its height is adjustable, and you can adjust it from 5 feet to 7 feet, which makes it suitable for both the kid’s usage and usage in a courtside. Also, when you lowered its height to five feet, it can be used as a poolside hoop or an indoor basketball court hoop.

It’s the right choice for you to buy if you have children of different ages as it can be adjusted according to their needs. However, it’s not suitable for tiny children.


  • This hoop is quite durable and lightweight due to the use of quality materials.
  • It has a collapsible design, which makes it easy to transport and store.
  • It is a stable hoop, but stability can be further increased by adding sand or water in the base.
  • It has quite an unbreakable backboard due to the use of materials like PE plastic


  • It’s not suitable for tiny kids.

Buying guide:

Before going to buy, there are a few things that you should consider, which I have listed below.

  • According to your space, you should know which type of hoop you have to buy.
  • Getting the product with the right backboard that will cater to your needs is essential. If your child plays aggressive, then you should consider buying shatter-proof backward.
  • You should try to get a product that has a height adjustment system so that if your child grows, you can adjust the height according to it.
  • And the most important thing is that you should buy the product according to your budget. Child hoops are not as durable as the professional ones; you can buy one later.


So these are the hoops that are best for kids basketball that I think. Make sure to properly check before buying and also have an idea of your child’s height and age and get the product according to it. Go for Little Tikes Easy Score or Little tikes Adjust and Jam if you still can’t choose and want my recommendation. Buy the product and give your child the same feeling that you have felt by playing basketball.