Basketballhunter Innovative Writing Scholarship 2021-2022

A $1500 scholarship for exceptional writers:

As a brand, we, Basketballhunter, are happy to announce a fantastic opportunity for writing enthusiasts, a $1500 scholarship for a piece of excellent writing. This scholarship opportunity is for all those students who love to write and improve their writing skills.

All college level, undergraduate, and postgraduate students can apply for this scholarship provided they fill certain conditions which will be communicated later on. We strongly believe that words are the best source to propagate ideas that pop up in mind. Better the writing, the better the ideas conveyed. That is why we are here with this scholarship to encourage writing in the students so that they can deliver their ideas to the world.

The task of this scholarship:

What to write to get this scholarship? The topics are general. You have to write about any topic related to the basketball game. It can be about courts, shoes, hoops, teams, rules, the future of basketball, or whatever you like to write about the game. But before you write, you should know that you must have proper knowledge of the game as it will help you in your writing. Even if you don’t have prior knowledge, you can research the topic and then write your heart.

Criteria for Participation:

It is enough for us if you are creative enough to write an amazing article. However, the brands sponsoring us for this scholarship have some mainly academic requirements, which is mostly because the target is to help the brilliant minds.

Below are the details of the criteria you have to meet to participate:

  • The student must have some knowledge of the basketball sport, or he/she should have played it.
  • The student must be a regular student of a College or a University for the session 2020-21.
  • A minimum of 3 CGPA is required for participation.

Things to keep in mind:

Below are some of the crucial details you should keep in mind to participate in the competition. These are quite important as you can get knocked out of the competition if you made a blunder.

  • You have to write an article of at least 5000 words and at most 6000 related to basketball.
  • The topic should be directly related to basketball. Unrelated topics or content will not be considered.
  • Your content should be free from grammar mistakes as these mistakes can decrease your chances of winning the scholarship.
  • Your content should be plagiarism-free. Any duplicated or plagiarized content will not be considered for evaluation. You are encouraged to add references to your text.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

The benefit is terrific, as written earlier. You will get $1500 prize money if you win the competition. This scholarship prize money will be sent to the financial aid office of your college or university directly. The winner will be decided by our professional writers and editors who will review each article and award the deserving one. You may get an honorable mention if you failed to win, but the article you wrote was one of the best ones.

How to Submit:

After writing the article, you will have to convert it in a PDF and submit it through email at our official email address.

The email on which you have to submit is

Some other details you need to send with the submission are as follows:

  • Your full name
  • College or university in which you are enrolled.
  • The subject of interest.
  • Your Email Address to contact you
  • Your Submission (Article you wrote)


The last date to submit your entry is 31 December 2020. No late entry will be entertained. After careful evaluation, we will announce the winner after two to three weeks. The winner will be notified by email. These types of scholarships are released every year to facilitate the brilliant minds of the students. You may not lose heart if you cannot win it. You can try again next year.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions:

  • We will own full rights to the content of the article you submit for the competition.
  • If your article is worthy enough to stand out, you will win $1500 prize money. However, if you fail to do so, we will still have full copyrights of the article.
  • We can use the article anywhere we want.
  • The article should be in English.
  • You are not allowed to submit more than one entry. It can end in rejection of all your entries. Only one entry is permitted. We will reject any two or more submissions from the same IP.
  • This scholarship is for the session 2020-21. We will announce more scholarships like these with different stipend amounts and conditions.
  • Basketballhunter holds the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. In case of any problem, the terms can vary too, but criteria will remain the same.